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The ultimate toolkit for practitioners and partners of the carfree cities alliance

Carfree Toolkit


The toolkit is an organized collection of information, advice, ideas bank, How-to's and more, designed to guide practitioners in running carfree related campaigns, projects, events and programs. At CCA our chief mission is to support you, our allies and partners, to be successful in your work - we want you to be equipped with the best resources. 


We have attempted to cover all of the important angles on the issues that are dear to you: from traffic-calmed streets, to pleasant neighborhoods and all the way to carfree cities. We hope you will benefit from to the maximum. Your feedback is always welcome.

Toolkit Sheets - available for download 

These sheets have been organized and color-coded according to type of tool.

green for go!

Getting Started: how to determine your goals, come up with exciting projects and have serious impact

orange for action!

Action Guide: all about strategy, tactics, developing your capacity, and building successful programs

blue for know!

Information Sheets: facts, examples and a wealth of knowledge


Getting started

Go! Sheet #1 Big Time Impact


What you need to start is a good idea and the belief that you can make a difference. This short essay is all about providing you with a clear focus and a vision of creating impact. 

Go! Sheet #2 Diagnostics


Before you jump into action, take this diagnostic step. Have a good look around yourself, consider your starting point, and find helpful allies as you get ready to prepare and action plan. 


Go! Sheet #3 Action Ideas


A great list to help you find the idea that matches your interests. The list includes standalone campaigns, professional projects, skills workshops, ongoing programs, and more.

Action guide

Action! Sheet #1 Delicious Advice

Coming soon 

Look here for everyday useful advice and suggestions. The best place to go when you just want some extra inspiration, helpful reminders or stunning quotes.

Action! Sheet #2 Talking Points 

Ask the right questions! During a crucial conversation with a decision-maker, your local newspaper or a new project partner, these important points should be on your mind. 

Action! Sheet #3 Tactics and Strategy

Coming soon

The best advice for fine-tuning a strategic approach when lobbying for change. These are effective strategies launched by organizations concerned with transforming their city's transportation. 

Action! Sheet #4 Planning Sheets Coming soon 

Here you can find guidance and a step-by-step process to setting up and running a successful campaign. Several worksheets and flow charts enable campaigners with a way to structure their work. 

Action! Sheet #5 Campaigns

Coming soon 

This sheet outlines a number of different campaign models - walking you through each one carefully and including considerations on tools and strategy selection, alternative scenarios, gauging impact.

Information sheets

Know! Sheet #1 Fun Facts


Here you have numerous useful statistics and facts concerning urban mobility, car culture and driving, sustainability, climate change and related topics. 

Know! Sheet #2 Success Stories

Coming soon 

This is a collection of best practices and success stories from around the world, chosen to provide inspiration, useful details and proof of what has succeeded elsewhere. 

Know! Sheet #3 Modal Shift

Coming soon 

This document covers all of the science related to taming car culture. There are many methods to reduce car trips with guidance on traffic calming interventions. 

Know! Sheet #4 Guide To Resources Coming soon 

Here you have a summary of some of the best resources available, including books, magazines, publications, articles, websites, films and more. Tailored to different countries and languages. 

Know! Sheet #5 List Of Images

Coming soon 

Enjoy this collection of images, posters and graphs from numerous locations around the world, connected to carfree cities and sustainable mobility.

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