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World Carfree Day 2023 -
Justice In Motion

Welcome to our page celebrating World Carfree Day in 2023! We have a wonderful network of allies around the world, many of whom are holding World Carfree Day events in their hometowns.


The theme for this year is:


and our catchy slogan is Justice is Motion

We have created a number of materials for our allies and for everyone to use. Please enjoy and use liberally. Here is what you can find on this page:

  • An article titled "Just Cities"

  • A sample list of events and activities for World Carfree Day

  • Links to our full activity pack for 2023

The article and list of events are just a sampling of the full information we are making avaialble for you. It is intended to whet your appetite. For all the articles and materials, please check the links provided. We encourage all of our allies and all fans of World Carfree Day to organize local events. You can use any of our materials or ideas for free. Take a look!

If you are new to World Carfree Day, check out this Wikipedia article.

If you have any questions, or want to join the fun, write to

To see our coverage of World Carfree Day 2022, please visit this page.

Ps: don't miss all the other great content on our website!


Just Cities

by DE, Institute for Wellbeing

Climate justice. Environmental justice. Economic justice. Spatial justice. All these terms ring hollow in the face of the continuing domination of the rich and powerful over the vulnerable. One of the many ways in which that domination takes practical form is in the use of automobiles in the city in the last hundred years or so.

Cars in our cities are related to several injustices. There is the climate, where those who are responsible for burning the most fossil fuel are the least likely to be affected by the floods, fires, droughts, intense storms, and other catastrophes that ensue. There is danger, wherein car users make the streetscape unsafe, with most of those dying on the roads being poor.

There is economic injustice when governments spend billions of dollars on road infrastructure that mainly benefits car users while failing to invest in infrastructure for walking, cycling, and public transportation. [Can add local examples here.] There is spatial injustice when our streets and other public spaces are littered with cars, but children and others have few places to socialize outdoors. And there is environmental injustice when the richest create pollution (including but not limited to air and noise) that the poorest must endure.

In light of the harm that cars do to our cities—and the many ways in which they are connected to injustice—the Carfree Cities Alliance has designated the theme of World Carfree Day (22 September) 2023 as “Carfree Cities: Justice in Motion.” Events in cities across the world—discussions, outdoor games, open street events, joint walks, bicycle rides, talk shows, and other interactive events—will illustrate the many ways in which carfree cities (where cars are greatly limited or eliminated) promote justice. [Add about your own planned events.]

Even where cars are not the dominant form of transport, the roads are clogged with cars. [Can add figures here on modal share by car in your city.] Cars waste an inordinate amount of space both for movement and for storage, being the least efficient way to move about in a city; meanwhile, everyone else is shoved to the margins and stuck in traffic that they do not help to create. Urban dwellers are subjected to the filthy air and incessant honking caused by cars. If a child wishes to play in the ground floor parking area, he is told he might damage the cars. Farmers, fishermen, others who work outdoors, and those living in marginal areas are the first to bear the toll of the climate crisis, though they themselves contribute almost no greenhouse gas emissions.

But the injustice of car-dominated cities could be flipped on its head to create the justice of carfree cities. People on foot and bicycle would be celebrated rather than punished for moving about without burning fuel or creating danger to others. It would become safe and pleasant to travel on foot and on a bicycle, thus contributing to making the city even better. Parks and playgrounds would proliferate in the absence of car infrastructure. The air would be vastly cleaner and fresher, the city would be more peaceful, and globally, greenhouse gas emissions would dramatically decline. People would move through the streets and enjoy outdoor spaces together, rather than some being isolated in one-ton steel boxes that make it difficult and dangerous for others to move about at all. Justice, rather than being a hollow concept with no practical applicability, could become the order of the day.

The annual celebration of World Carfree Day [by (your organization) and others locally and internationally] is meant to illustrate how much better our cities could be with fewer or no cars and other individual motorized transport. The importance of making our cities more vital, lively, sociable, and just places is greater now than ever. Let’s make use of this year’s World Carfree Day celebration to envision cities where people can work together to make the concept of just cities a reality.

--Debra Efroymson is active with the Carfree Cities Alliance and has given a TEDx talk on Imagining a Car-free City

Fun Event Ideas


Carfree event in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Here is a sampling of events that you can hold locally. For the full list, please access the links in the next section. For any questions, please write to us at

  • Flash mob

  • Asphalt art

  • Photo exhibition

  • Open Street events

  • Op-ed for a newspaper

  • Awareness posts on social media

  • Pop-up parklet

  • Free public ads

  • Fair

  • Cycling events

  • Signs and placards in public places

Please check the document provided in the next section for the full list and descriptions of each type of event!

Resource Pack from CCA

This year, Pooja Tanna (Pune, India) has compiled the list of resources for World Carfree Day. For particular questions about the resource pack, please get in touch with her. Her contact information is given below.

World Carfree Day, 2023 is around the corner and we ought to celebrate it in a BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL way. It is a day to come out on the streets and organise events to reclaim public space more meaningfully and to remind our decision-makers that the city needs to be designed people-centric and not car or private-vehicle-centric! 


City loses its character and identity as soon as it is built keeping cars and private vehicles in focus. Every city begins to look the same and uniqueness is lost.  


On behalf of our entire team of Carfree Cities Alliance, I am sharing a Google Drive folder with you all containing the listed items: 


1. List of Activities

2. Social Media Essentials

3. Article for Newspaper

4. Under 1 & a half minutes long -video

5. Posters for social media

On all posters, I have kept some space to insert logos of organisations from our network. If you like me to insert it please share your logos with me and let me know if you would like me to use the yellow background option or the blue background option. 


Please make use of everything to its maximum ability to help you make your respective event successful! 


Feel free to reach out to me on my WhatsApp number +91 8511477339 or Call me on the same number in case any clarification is required. 


Looking forward to everyone's enthusiasm and participation in World Carfree Day, 2023! 

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