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Carfree Cities Academy - Webinar Series

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Carfree Cities Academy -

Towards Safe, Inclusive, and Healthy Cities

We are pleased to offer a regular webinar series throughout all of 2023.


Carfree Cities Academy: Towards Safe, Inclusive, and Healthy Cities.

Practical Advice for Urban Changemakers

This is an open and accessible webinar series designed with the CCA and ISTEP network of allies in mind, and open to anyone who is interested. Events take place nearly every month and are free of charge. Every event is announced and contains a registration link via Eventbrite. We use the Zoom platform. Check the calendar below.

The Carfree Cities Academy is a co-production of CCA and ISTEP. To learn more about both organizations, please scroll down.


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The Webinar Series

This is an exciting webinar series where many inspirational personalities from the world of liveable streets and carfree cities come together to discuss and showcase fresh ideas and best examples.

We have developed three distinct webinar formats, each of which are described below. This allows us to offer a flexible approach to learning and sharing - in some cases following the traditional speaker/audience format, while elsewhere providing a 'commons' for discussion.

The following are some of the topics that we are planning to explore in the webinar series:

  • Street Design and Transformation

  • Public Space

  • 15 Minute City

  • Child-friendly and Youth-friendly Cities

  • Pedestrian Concerns

  • Cycling issues

  • Public transportation

  • Awareness raising and campaigning

  • Tactical urbanism, parklets, DIY greening projects

  • Health issues connected to transport and urban planning

  • Equity and inclusiveness: cities for all

  • Governance and engagement with decision makers

A. Global Dialogue

This is the webinar format that allows the global CCA and ISTEP networks to come together for discussion on a variety of topics. This usually involves small group discussion (breakout rooms) and is flexible and informal in structure. It is important to us to provide a discussion platform that allows for active participation of our entire community.

B. Learning Webinar

In this type of webinar we are treated to world class speakers, individuals who were specially selected to privide keen insights into a given topic. The webinars include a presentation and are then followed by discussion and Q&A.

C. Technical Assistance

In this special webinar format we select a particular location - a city, an issue, and supportive organizations working hard to bring about meaningful change and improvements. During the course of the webinar we have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the particular story of the chosen city and to meet the protagonists who are champions of a local cause. These webinars include carefully selected external experts who are on hand to enrich the discussion with usable ideas and possible strategies for the case at hand.


Please sign up to our Carfree News Email List to stay informed about the schedule. While this page will be regularly updated, announcements of new webinar events will be made via the mailing list.

February 14 - #1 Learning Webinar. "Street Design and Transformation" with Marianne Vanderschuren.

Watch the recording!

March 21 - #2 Global Dialogue. "Kickstart a revolution! Practical Advice and Examples for Local Interventions. Includes mini presentations from Rotterdam, Istanbul, Dhaka, Kathmandu, and Pimpri-Chinchwad

Watch the recording!

April 17 - #3 Global Dialogue. "Learning from Bangladesh. Practical Actions to Promote Carfree Cities"

Watch the recording!

May 18 - #4 Technical Assistance. Spotlight on Pune: Pushing the Boundaries for Carfree Cities. We will explore the carfree initiatives of Pune, India, and look closely at the strategies, operations, and objectives of the local actors.

June 22 - #5 Learning Webinar. "Maximum Gains, Minumum Harm. How to transform mobility and mindsets." Our guest was John Whitelegg, author of Mobility - A New Urban Design and Transport Planning Philosophy For a Sustainable Future.

August 17 - #6 Learning Webinar. "Healthier Cities, Better Lives: Making a Case for Carfree Cities" with Meelan Thondoo, a medical anthropologist and environmental epidemiologist working in the global health arena. Meelan's research interests are city-level health impact assessments (HIA), multi-sectoral interventions and integrated policies for health

Register here: Zoom Registration link

September - #7 Learning Webinar

October - #8 Global Dialogue

November - #9 Technical Assistance

December - #10 Learning Webinar

Webinar schedule

About CCA

The Carfree Cities Alliance (CCA) is an international network of individuals and organizations who believe that cities could be vastly better if we were to focus on the needs of people and nature rather than on the needs of motorized vehicles. CCA seeks to greatly reduce reliance on the automobile in existing cities and to provide a blueprint for more sustainable new cities. For more about CCA, please visit our All About the Alliance page.


The International Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program (I-STEP) is a project of Texas State University’s Public Administration program and is designed to link partners from around the world to sustainable transportation policies to help create safer, more livable cities. The I-STEP approach focuses on building partnerships between sustainable transportation leaders from around the world with local communities. Past projects have focused on neighborhood connectivity improvements in both the Netherlands and Romania. Tony Hull, an Active Transportation Consultant with over two decades of experience, acts as a coordinating professional expert on the projects. For more about ISTEP, please visit the ISTEP website.

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