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Data Privacy Policy

This document provides details of the CCA privacy policy in a clear and transparent manner. The document explains how we collect your data and what we do with it. It is divided into the respective sections where user input is available, as each section has a different purpose as well as use of the provided input.


Web site – Our Allies page

The information gathered here is to collect the necessary details of allied organizations who are willing to be listed on our website as allies of CCA. The information gathered here includes the organization’s name, email, website, contact person, etc. This information is stored on CCA’s web server and is not shared with or sold to any third parties. Based on user input, the information displayed on the Our Allies page includes: Name of organization, location, website and organization logo.

Build Back Better Cities Campaign

The CCA global campaign website includes a petition page for each participating campaign. User input includes the option of e-signing the petition. The information gathered during signing goes to the associated email address of each campaign. These email addresses are managed by CCA and shared with the respective campaign coordinators (as listed on each campaign page). The information gathered for the sake of the campaign is used to demonstrate public support for the campaign. The names of signers may be visible on the campaign website. The total list of names may be delivered to the local authorities as a petition, in order to demonstrate public support.

Information from Cookies

CCA has not configured its websites to run with cookies, thus no personalized cookies are used or processed by CCA.

Your data and your rights

You are able to request a copy of your data at any time. You may also request your data to be deleted. This will be carried out within five (5) business days, except during public holidays, or unless there is a specific agreement in place between yourself and CCA. Signing a petition can not be undone. For any questions or requests, please contact CCA at

The CCA Privacy Policy is updated continuously. The last time of updating was June 2021.

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