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Welcome fellow carfree advocate and campaigner!

This info point provides you with all of the documents related to setting up and planning the campaign.

They have been organized in a logical sequence and they are available for download.

Three documents in particular make up the core resources for setting the stage and selecting your campaign goals and strategy:

  • The Diagnostic Tool

  • The Campaign Set-up Guide

  • The Projects Catalogue

Let us know if you have any questions or if there are any technical issues. We always welcome feedback!



Campaign Orientation

PDF Document

Screen Shot orientation guide.png

This is the full overview, with a detailed outline of the different aspects of the campaign. The perfect place to get started for anyone who who is planning to run a campaign or who is seriously considering one.

Campaign Setup Guide

Fillable PDF Document

Screen Shot Setup guide.png

This document contains extensive information, spelling out all of the steps of setting up your campaign. Strategic planning considerations are given, as well as a sample campaign. Includes a helpful list of talking points, a campaign check-list, a running commentary, and much more.

Diagnostic Tool

Fillable PDF Document

screenshot diagnostic small.png

As you plan your campaign, you need to consider carefully all the relevant local conditions and stakeholders, and list all the elements that may influence your campaign. This is a fillable document where you include your own data during a careful review.

Project Catalogue

PDF Document

Screenshot projects catalogue.png

This is the essential illustrated guide to a broad range of carfree projects, actions, activities, goals, measures, and policy proposals to inspire you as you choose your campaign goals. Your one stop shop to browse best practices from around the world. With over 70 photographs.

Top Fives Worksheet

Word Document

Screen Shot Top Fives worksheet.png

This one page worksheet is a supplement to the Set-up guide and is a place where you can record all the most important points for your campaign, such as top issues, important allies, favorite activities, hottest locations.

Database For Campaigners


Screenshot campaigners database.png

Here is a free planning tool for anyone who needs an extra way to organize their contacts, critical mission information, and anything else related to your campaign and work. Compatible with Excel, Open Office, and Libre Office.

Campaign Flyer

PDF Document

Screenshot campaign flyer.png

The campaign flyer is the quick overview of our global campaign. This is good to have ready to send to any new partners or recruits. Together with the CCA flyer, this is often the first material that new, interested contacts receive.

CCA Flyer

PDF Document

Screen Shot CCA Flyer.png

The essence of the Carfree Cities Alliance (CCA) is presented here in an attractive two page flyer. We are also happy to help prepare translated versions of the flyer. Distribute widely!