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Get Connected

Put your country on the map! Get involved!


There are many ways you can get involved with Carfree Cities Alliance! You can read all about it here.

Add your organization to our alliance

All organizations that share our goals or engage in similar work are encouraged to be listed as an allied organization in our network. We only ask that you read the Carfree Manifesto and following that fill out the simple form on the Our Allies page. Then you become listed on our site. After that it is up to you to decide in what ways to engage with CCA or if you want to display your activities on the Regional Pages.

Develop and expand your carfree activities

Are you keen on setting up projects and activities related to carfree and livable cities? Great! If this involves starting a new working group or building a network of enthusiastic supporters, we are ready to help. We created a Toolkit full of ideas, advice and support for you and your team. We’ve invested a lot of love and care in this, so we hope it will benefit your work!

  • If you would like to develop new activities or even start a new group dedicated to carfree, then please make use of our Diagnostic Tool to start up or further develop your carfree projects

  • If you are already running projects and could make use of extra inspiration, ideas and information, please do make the most out of our Toolkit Series. In particular we have lots of good stuff for you in Delicious Advice or Tactics and Strategy. The chief objective is to help you become more effective in your campaigns and projects. 


Any feedback is welcome: Please write to or connect to a contact person in the regional pages.

Add your city to the regional pages

If you have already listed your organization as an ally and you are wondering how you can add your awesome activities to the regional pages, just choose from the following options:


  • If your city/country is not currently listed, you are welcome to include your city/country and relevant activities in our regional pages! Start by sending us an email to


  • If your city is already listed, and you want to highlight your current activities on a given page or connect to active groups in your region, then please get in touch with the listed contact person. He or she will be happy to advise you.

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