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World Carfree Day 2022

Here we provide you with coverage of World Carfree Day in 2022. We have a wonderful network of allies around the world, many of whom are celebrating World Carfree Day in their hometowns.


Read on, and you will come across a delightful poem about the Carfree Cities Alliance. We also cover this year's themes and include background reading and watching. Coming soon will be pictures and write-ups of events all around the world. Participating countries are:

Bangladesh      Czechia      Brazil     India    Nepal    Botswana    Nigeria   

South Africa     Bosnia & Herzegovina    Netherlands     Egypt

If you are new to World Carfree Day, check out this Wikipedia article.

If you have any questions, or want to join the fun, write to

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The Carfree poem

assembled by DE, Institute for Wellbeing

We are from Kolkata and Cape Town,
From Den Haag and Dhaka,
From Austin and Afghanistan;
From South Holland and Valencia,
From Bangalore and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
From Pune and Havana and the Czech Republic.

We value carfree cities because we want to:
Sit outside without having to listen to a chorus of horns;
To breathe fresh air;
Walk and cycle without having to navigate huge honking ugly vehicles;
Encounter less road rage;
Actually enjoy walking, and to enjoy wildlife,
Coming in and sharing the space with humans in cities.

In a carfree city,
We wouldn't feel scared for our children and grandchildren to ride a bike.
We wouldn’t get stuck in the road with traffic jams.
We could experience humane interaction
With the surrounding environment and fellow people;
There would be more smiles.

People would put down their phones and interact with each other;
People otherwise captive indoors would lose their shyness
And come outside to talk to others and open up.
We would enjoy the street life.

Right out the door we could be at a park or in the market.
We could go on a long bike ride after a longer day.
People could interact directly with the city and each other;
We would feel ownership of the streets, feel safe;
Have peace of mind and actual peace (without the horns!).

We could smell flowers and guavas;
Hear the birds; taste raindrops not smog;
Feel cool clean air on our skin.

We would cross paths with diverse groups of people,
Of varying ages, races, and backgrounds
As we move through and across the city.
Because connectivity also means integration!
We are from many cities and countries.
We dream of better cities.
We are the Carfree Cities Alliance!

Theme and background


Siena, Italy. Piazza del Campo. By Herbert Frank

This year our theme is: Carfree Cities for a Stable Climate

What we mean by this is that carfree cities would have the ability to massively stabilize the world's climate, if rolled out on a large scale. There is almost nothing else that could have a bigger impact than by widely embracing carfree cities, along with a culture based on a local economy and resilient communities.

Further sub themes and integral parts to the whole include:

  • Cities should be built around safe and efficient mobility

  • Children should be at the heart of our planning - the next generation has the right to play, explore, and experience life fully

  • Connectivity means improving access and reducing congestion

  • We want a clean environment coupled with ecological lifestyles

  • Electrification of private vehicles is not a sustainable solution

Here is a collection of throught-provoking materials, ideas and topics connected to these themes:

  • A fresh article by Debra Efroymson, published on September 22, 2022, in the Daily Star (web link)

  • A look at the zero emission fantasy being pursued in California (YouTube link)

  • Improving transportation in a socially inclusive way. This paper was co-authored by Andrew Wheeldon, who is a part of Team CCA (web link)

  • A recent article in Yahoo News, covering carfree cities and featuring CCA (web link)

In the next section we will add coverage of carfree events this year all around the world.

WCFD Reports from around the world



Digobikas Institute (DBI) and friends are getting ready for World Carfree Day. Stay tuned.



Our ally Automat is getting ready for World Carfree Day in Prague. All information will be put here.



Institute for Wellbeing and Carfree Cities Alliance Bangladesh will pull off another great series of events for WCFD!

Good_need higher res.jpg


Our allies Bike Anjo are planning for many activities throughout Brazil.

DSC07984 copy.jpg


Parisar and Centre for Environment Education are organizing events in Pune and Ahmdabad.



Bicycle Embassy Botswana is launching rides and fun events for WCFD.

Carfree Day Media

Carfree Day Poster

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Carfree Day Poster

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Carfree Day Postcard

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