our allies

We welcome new partners and cherish our network of friends and allies. Being a CCA ally means that your organization is sympathetic to our mission - please read the Carfree Manifesto - and you are open to cooperation and being a part of our network. You can receive our monthly newsletter and will be first in line to be invited to attend our conferences or join us on projects. There is no membership fee.

Please fill out this simple form to add yourself as an ally.

current list of cca allies

Cycling Embassy Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana

Colectivo SiCLas

Medellín, Valle de Aburrá, Antioquia, Colombia

Bicycle Cities

South Africa (Cape Town)

Centre for Environment Education

India, South Asia

Advocates for Public Spaces (APS)

Africa, Uganda, Kampala

Urban Planning for Community Change (UPC)

Arusha, Tanzania




Ecocity Builders

Americas, South Asia, Europe, MENA

Carfree Cities Alliance Bangladesh


Bangladesh Youth Climate Network



Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust

Bangladesh, especially Dhaka

Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh


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