Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Brief overview

The Netherlands is a highly advanced country when it comes to cycling and providing high quality infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. There is a long history of supporting cycling and cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands, making it one of the top cycling countries in the world. This has brought huge dividends, contributing towards the country developing a high quality of life and a fit and healthy population. It is also worth noting that it has not always been like that. Important decisions were taken in the 1970's and 1980's that included prioritizing cycling and seeking to insure safeguards from the growing automobile culture at an early date, thrusting the country well ahead of its time.

Most important current issues

There is currently a car-lite movement in Amsterdam, spearheaded by the city, which involves closing access to motorized vehicles in numerous spots throughout the city. As of October 2019, the stated goal is to remove over 11,000 parking places in the center of the city by 2025. Numerous related investments and projects are also underway.

Affiliated organizations

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Fietsersbond, Happy Streets, MOVE Mobility


Best local example to showcase

The "fietsstraat" or "cycling street" is a particular kind of street where the bicycle is the main mode of transport and cars are seen as "guests". In these streets cyclists have the right of way and enjoy privilege.


Modal share of cycling is also quite high in many Dutch cities. In Amsterdam, 38% of all trips are by bike, with other cities in the 30s percentile or even 40s. This is also thanks to high quality cycling infrastructure and the Dutch National Cycle Network.


The city of Utrecht currently has plans to develop a carfree district for 12,000 within the city, while in 2019 it opened the world's largest multi-storied bicycle parking facility, with the ability to house 12,500 bicycles.

Ongoing projects or campaigns

There is a yearly city-wide festival in Amsterdam called "We Make The City", hosted by events house Pakhuis de Zwijger. In the 2019 edition a CCA launch event, along with presentations and fanfare, was organized. Local carfree affiliated organizations and individuals are keen on promoting progressive planning, as listed above, in future projects.


The Centre for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam has developed a free online course: Unraveling the Cycling City.


The annual meetings of the Cycling Research Board constitute another bright spot on the Dutch cycling map - this is also open to everyone.

Successful previous projects

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